what is the Rec.2100?

Rec. 2100ITU-R Recommendation BT.2100, more commonly known by the abbreviations Rec. 2100 or BT.2100, introduced high-dynamic-range television (HDR-TV) by recommending the use of the perceptual quantizer (PQ [SMPTE ST 2084]) or hybrid log–gamma (HLG) transfer functions instead of the traditional “gamma” previously used for SDR-TV. It defines var...

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What is HLG?

Hybrid log–gammaThe hybrid log–gamma (HLG) transfer function is a transfer function jointly developed by the BBC and NHK for high dynamic range (HDR) display. It’s backward compatible with the transfer function of SDR (the gamma curve). It was approved as ARIB STD-B67 by the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB). It is also defin...

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What is DCI-P3?

DCI-P3-Development of the standard In 2005, Digital Cinema Initiatives, LCC in Hollywood, California released the Digital Cinema System Specification version 1.0, which defined the colorimetry of what would become known as the DCI-P3 color space. According to section 8.3.4 in the specification, the blue primary color is the same as Rec. 709, ...

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